Throughout human history, music has been and is still an essential tool in the development and learning of human beings. Discovering that musical practice does not compulsory require of high difficulties or unattainable budgets provides confidence for its use, improving substantially social relationships and personal enjoyment. Strengthening a good foundation in the knowledge of music interweaves multiple disciplines, generates a respectful vision of diversity and prevents, at the same time, possible harmful habits, both in the artistic field and in other areas of personal and professional development.

Musicfullness, that we can difine as Fullness through music proposes a path of knowledgement and feeling through sound, music and all the elements that are used in its perception and creation, from our own body, vocal expressions or the most primitive resources to the most advanced technology. In this way we connect past, present and future thanks to the most intangible and always present art, from the most trivial party, the countless daily experiences, the various spiritual manifestations, the production of all kinds of entertainment or the experiences that reveal the high human feeling of transcendence.